Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Doctor's shoulder set free of pain after shoulder resurfacing in Chennai

Physicians also sometimes become patients. A middle aged physician bid good bye to gnawing shoulder pain after getting a shoulder resurfacing recently. Shoulder surgery in India is offered by a few super specialized doctors. Shoulder resurfacing is one such procedure that is gaining hold in the treatment of arthritis. Shoulder arthritis is a condition where the lining of the joint wears away. Severe pain is felt particularly when sleeping on the affected side. Painkillers and intra articular injections may work in the beginning. However a definitive procedure is often required to relieve pain. Shoulder replacement and resurfacing are the two joint replacement options. Shoulder replacement replaces the whole of the joint with a metal prosthesis which is inserted into the upper end of the humerus ( arm bone). Shoulder resurfacing on the other hand preserves bone and just caps the worn out cartilage with a metal prosthesis without cutting away any bone.
It is thus an effective alternative to shoulder resurfacing says Dr.Venkatachalam.
The advantages of shoulder resurfacing are many says Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam an Orthopaedic surgeon in Chennai who performed the operation for this male gynecologist from North India. The patient can soon get back his full range of movements. The cost of a shoulder resurfacing is affordable.
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