Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Re-nowned American mountaineer undergoes Shoulder surgery

The re-nowned American mountaineer had successful arthroscopic surgery for a paritally damaged tendon in his shoulder in Chennai. He had injured his shoulder in a fall while moving over horizontal ice a month ago. Fearing that he had dislocated his shoulder he underwent first aid in his local hospital. Perturbed by the high cost of Orthopedic surgery in the US which he was in dire need of to preserve his physical condition, he located Dr.Venkatachalam in Chennai. He verified the surgeon's abilities from another American Mr.Dave Hurd who also had successful shoulder surgery at the same hospital in Chennai in December 2005. Dr.Venkatachalam. leading Orthopedic surgeon performed the surgery which lasted for an hour.
Three weeks earlier he underwent Knee surgery( ACL reconstruction)at the same hospital.